Sky Investments

With many years of professional experience dated back to 1999 in the International trading house, Sky Investments and developments had grown to provide a complete range of industrial & specialty chemicals and an extensive experience and a spirit of innovation in the services of its customers.

Sky have been heavily involved in the export, import and marketing of bulk chemical and agricultural products alongside with some investments and developments projects in the MENA region. The company has been client-oriented throughout its lengthy experience, which has enabled it to create a large network of clients around the globe.

Sky deems borders irrelevant to its activities and seeks to operate in different markets all over the world. This is partially driven by the small size of the Jordanian market but it is also imperative to mitigate risks and diversify the investment portfolio of the company


Our Mission

To become a leading group in trading, oil and gas, real estate, investment, transportation and logistics. We strive to create and maintain a high-quality brand that has a strong foothold in different markets in the world.


Our Vision

To create an establishment that has a strong and dynamic foundation, capable of adjusting to political and economic changes in the market easily and transforming challenges into opportunities. And to continuously work towards achieving our goal of being the market leaders and innovators within our industry, by providing superior value to our clients based on balancing our product performance and costs that meet their defined needs.